OPM Wealth Review – Is Stefan Dessalines Scheme LEGIT?

OPM Wealth Review

Welcome to my OPM Wealth review.

Stefan Dessalines claims to help you make money online by tapping into his proven system.

If you are interested to know:

  • Is OPM Wealth legit
  • Is OPM Wealth a pyramid scheme
  • Who is Stefan Dessalines
  • The real cost to start
  • Are students getting results
  • And more!

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I’ve dedicated a few days to analyzing Stefan’s online business program, taking notes, uncovering all sorts of dirty info, and thoroughly going over the program so that I can provide you with the most helpful OPM Wealth review.

📘 About

Pyramid scheme by Stafan Dessalines.

💰 Cost

From $2,000 to $27,500!


It's free to start. Lucrative compensation plan.

🛑 Cons

Pyramid Scheme! Super expensive packages. Shady creator. He asks you to get a loan to fund the scheme. Highly risky scheme. Complete lack of success stories. 

⚠️ Verdict

OPM Wealth is a pyramid scheme in disguise designed to benefit Stefan and a few on the top of the scheme.

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About the Reviewer

Hey, I’m Ivan Brozincevic!

Since 2018, I’ve been making a full-time income online, which allowed me to quit my old job (about me).

Initially, I struggled to identify legit courses and avoid ones that were just out for my money.

That’s why I created this website – my main goal is to help you steer clear of pitfalls and discover the top online business courses.

Every week, I invest hours reviewing online courses and writing reviews based on my fact-driven review guidelines to assist you in making an informed choice.

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Is OPM Wealth Legit?

No, OPM Wealthy is not legit.

One of the things that got me to check out OPM Wealth is to access policy. You can register for free, which gives you access to three videos that are designed to “brainwash” you to join the scheme.

When I say brainwash, I mean it. You’ve seen three videos that play on your situation emotionally.

Let me explain…

You’re probably worried about your current financial situation because of the crisis, and you’re looking for solutions in the world of making money online.

So, you’re invited to join the scheme where you can allegedly earn $ 1000s without any effort.

But little did you know that to make this money, you must start recruiting others to join OPM Wealth. And to do so, you’ll have to invest some serious money.

The total price of packages inside goes well over $55K!

If you don’t have this money, they will show you how to get a loan! Hence the name of the scheme is “Other People’s Money Wealth.”

But in my opinion, OPM Wealth is a scam best for those who run it!

One might say, and one would not be wrong if he does so, OPM Wealth is a pyramid scheme, which is a practically illegal business model and a scam.

Make sure to check out the OPM Wealth reviews in the comment section. Also, avoid the Digital Veteran Blueprint and Multiple Income Funnel as well. Both are worthless schemes designed to funnel you to OPM.

What is OPM Wealth?

OPM Wealth is an MLM pyramid scheme designed to recruit newcomers to promote the same business to other newbies using other people’s money.

By the way, OPM stands for “other people’s money.” In other words, they will show you how to get a loan (if you can’t pay for the expensive memberships) and use other people’s money to make money.

Interesting, right?

You can join for free after watching a short video with the host Stefan. Then, you have to complete your profile and watch three more intro videos.

OPM Wealth Review - Intro Video

At one point, you’ll have to schedule a call with a mentor and you’ll be offered to start buying different packages to move through the scheme.

And since most people don’t have the finances to start such an expensive (and risky!) feat, the company even offers some sort of credit assurance to help you.

I’m just not sure how pushing people into debt is helping them, but that’s how it is.

Once you buy in, you’ll get access to the instructions and training where they will show you how to recruit others to earn commissions.

There are several packages, and the compensation plan is 2 tier system, which I’ll break down later in the OPM Wealth review.

Let me introduce the owner before we move on to the products and packages section.

Who is Stefan Dessalines?

I can’t be sure whether Stefan Dessalines is the owner of OPM Wealth or just a spokesperson since no information could help with this.

OPM Wealth Review - Stefan Dessalines

All we know is that Stefan appears in almost all videos and seems like he’s the man in charge.

Before this experience, Stefan was an actor. But there is no information about his background in marketing.

In my opinion, this is very concerning. See, the man who is going to ask you to pay enormous sums of money is not the most trustworthy character around.

If I would be even considering joining OPM Wealth, I would want to know more about Stefan, and even get him on the phone.

So I did some research and found Stefan’s group on Facebook. (see the image below)

Stefan Dessalines Facebook Community

The weird thing is, Stefan’s group counts only 231 members and hasn’t been active since 2017!

I’m not saying that this is necessarily the worst thing. Maybe he’s just gotten tired of social media. But still, I’m not confident that he’s the right person to follow.

Now, let me show you how much Stefan is going to ask you to pay to start with the OPM Wealth scheme.

How Much Does OPM Wealth Cost?

Once you register for the free OPM Wealth account and finish watching the free videos, you’ll have to either join or quit.

If you decide to join, here’s what packages they will offer to you down the road.

  • Hermes – cost is $2,000
  • Apollo – cost is $5,000
  • Athena – cost is $8,500
  • Poseidon – cost is $14,500
  • Zeus – cost is $27,500

I have to say, they’ve been very creative with the names. Those are all Gods from Ancient Greek Mythology.

And as you can see, each new package (level) is going to cost you more and more money.

To earn with OPM Wealth, you’ll have to buy each package to earn commissions, which is the next topic of my review.

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How Does OPM Wealth Work?

So as I was saying earlier in this OPM Wealth review, the scheme comes down to borrowing money from banks to finance the system and to recruit others.

Some might say this is a scam. Some will say it’s a brilliant way to earn online.

However, I tend to pull on the side of those who will say that it is a scam best for those who run it.

In any case, the procedure is simple. All you have to do is watch three videos where Stefan is going to introduce the opportunity.

OPM Wealth Review - Members Area

Once you buy the first package, you’ll get some training that looks like this.

Before you can access the coaching sessions, you’ll have to watch those free videos and schedule a coaching call with one of the team.

This is, of course, going to be a person appointed to encourage you to join the scheme.

OPM Wealth Review - Coaching Call Notification

Once you finish with the training, you have to keep taking action and start recruiting others to become members of OPM Wealth so you can earn commissions.

And of course, there will be extra costs down the road to keep running marketing campaigns and all.

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Can You Earn With OPM Wealth?

Each time you recruit a person, and that person agrees to follow the same path, you earn a commission.

Your commission is based on your level. So if you are only on a Hermes level, you’ll earn a commission when your referral takes the same package.

In case you stay on the same level and your referral upgrades, you won’t earn any commissions on that upgrade.

Here’s what the OPM Wealth Compensation plan looks like up close.

Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is based on 2 tier system, which means that you get paid commissions based on your referral’s actions and based on the activities of their referrals too.

  • 1st tier commission is 60%
  • 2nd tier commission is 10%

For example, you can earn $1,200 for level one referral and $200 each time level two referral upgrades to the Hermes package.

Then, $2000 for level two referrals and $500 each time level two referral upgrades to the Apollo package.

The next level upgrade earns you $5,100 for the first level upgrade and $850 each time level two referral upgrades to the Athena package.

You earn $8,700 for the first level upgrade and $850 when level two referral upgrades to the Poseidon package.

Lastly, you could earn $16,500 for the level one upgrade and $2,750 when your level two referral upgrades to the Zeus package.

Take a look at the potential earnings below:

  • Hermes gets a $1,200 commission on Level 1, $200 on Level 2
  • Apollo gets a $3,000 commission on Level 1, $500 on Level 2
  • Athena gets a $5,100 commission on Level 1, $850 on Level 2
  • Poseidon gets an $8,700 commission on Level 1, $1,450 on Level 2
  • Zeus gets a $16,500 commission on Level 1, $2,750 on Level 2

Now you can see why I consider OPM Wealth a pyramid scheme above all and probably a scam as well, but let’s not rush with that.

There are no products to be sold or anything else that provides value, which is, by definition, precisely a pyramid scheme.

This also means that this business model is not sustainable, and at one point, it must collapse.

Is OPM Wealth a Pyramid Scheme?

OPM Wealth is a high-ticket pyramid system. You can generate income with high-ticket systems like OPM Wealth. Nevertheless, it is not a good concept.

Initially, you’re deceiving on your right into signing up with a pyramid system. To recover your investment, you need to recruit others into the pyramid scheme.

It’s true what they claim, you need to invest cash to earn money. However, $2000 to sign up with a ridiculous system to earn six-figure earnings in a year is a silly claim.

This is a scam in a manner, just like Perpetual Income 365 and 7K Metals.

On the other hand, with affiliate marketing, for example, you don’t have to depend on recruiting people. You can promote any real and useful products to your audience to earn commissions.

See, free affiliate programs permit you to promote other people’s products on your website or blog and gain a share of sales generated with your efforts.

Affiliate marketing is an outstanding resource of excellent, clean money. I know because thousands of individuals have made it their main source of income using this one system.

Furthermore, you do not need to pay $2,000 to get going with this training program or to start developing an affiliate website.

I will tell you more at the end of this OPM Wealth review.

Is OPM Wealth a Scam?

You could call OPM Wealth a scam if you wish because it has a lot of traits of something illegal.

I’m not going to say so because no proof could confirm such claims.

However, there are a few things that trouble me still.

You see, the company is not registered online on sites like Better Business Bureau, or any other third-party screening platform.

All I found while researching for this review were other reviews like mine that say the same things.

For example, you can take a look at the comment section below this review and read a few horrible experiences of people who fell for the OPM Wealth scam.

In other words, we are all united around the opinion that OPM Wealth is not safe nor a smart investment.

You could end up borrowing and spending $ 1000s on a scheme that has zero testimonials and by all standards seems to be illegal and could collapse easily in a few short months.

If that happens, you’ll be left on your own.

Worst of all, your money would be gone, and you’d be in debt!

OPM Wealth Pros:

  • Free to Join the Scheme
  • Earning Potential Is There

OPM Wealth Cons:

  • It’s a Pyramid Scheme!
  • It Asks You to Borrow Money!
  • It Could Collapse Easily
  • No Testimonials or Any Other Proof
  • Hidden Expenses

Verdict – OPM Wealth Review

So in conclusion OPM Wealth is a pyramid scheme that aims at recruiting people to join the program. The main idea is to upgrade through different packages to unlock the commission level and recruit others to do the same.

To become successful with this scheme, you’ll have to invest $50,000+ and convince other people to invest as well.

Technically speaking, OPM Wealth is not a scam per se, but it is a pyramid scheme, which boils down to the same thing because pyramid schemes are illegal.

All I can say is that I’m not going to be recommending this scheme to my readers. In my opinion, this is not the smartest thing you could do to earn an income online.

That is my review and opinion on OPM Wealth, guys. I hope you found it very useful.

📘 About

Pyramid scheme by Stafan Dessalines.

💰 Cost

From $2,000 to $27,500!


It's free to start. Lucrative compensation plan.

🛑 Cons

Pyramid Scheme! Super expensive packages. Shady creator. He asks you to get a loan to fund the scheme. Highly risky scheme. Complete lack of success stories. 

⚠️ Verdict

OPM Wealth is a pyramid scheme in disguise designed to benefit Stefan and a few on the top of the scheme.

📈 Rating

The Best Way To Make Money Online

I earn online by creating simple affiliate websites to connect people with products they are already looking for.

It’s called affiliate marketing and it is the best way to make money online (at least in my humble opinion).

If you want to learn more about how to start making money online with affiliate marketing, I strongly suggest you sign up for the free training on the next page.

And don’t forget to share this OPM Wealth review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

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37 thoughts on “OPM Wealth Review – Is Stefan Dessalines Scheme LEGIT?”

  1. Hello, I’m one also a victim of this OPM Wealth, Stefan Dessalines and this coach/mentor Jeremy Miner, I see him now on Tiktok and support team Scott. That’s all I knew who’s behind OPM.
    I payed Zeus plan, plus the traffic fees.
    After I payed what’s needed, tried to check my dashboards hoping to see positive sign, but nothing. Every time I contact support- Scott, He’s asking money for traffic fee. Then after a while tried to pullout what ever left, Scott blaming me for not putting more traffic money and later never replied and my account no longer online.
    Yes, I want to hear from anyone like Thomas, Jose, Jeffrey and others and talk about how we can get back our money. Or someone who can help us. #scammerpayback

  2. I see there are a lot of us that have fallen to this ponzi scheme and need to fight back. A letter of all our names needs to be sent to our state Senate and Governors offices along with one to the FTC that these people need to be held accountable for the amount of money they have taken from us. Hitting our Senate and Governors offices should wake up enough people to have these people investigated and brought to justice before any other victims fall to these schemes.
    I would like to have everyone reach out to me and I will put a letter together and email those individuals to send information to senators and governors offices of their states.
    My name is Thomas Parsons
    My email is parsons.t74@gmail.com

  3. I’m negative 13k because of this company and god knows how long it will take me to pay it back. These guys literally took off. I heard one of them supposedly pass away although I could not corroborate that and because of the pandemic they went out of business but I think that’s bs. Anyway, I made a horrible decision to join. Let me know if somebody is doing anything about it, please.

  4. OPM is a very high cost for a scheme like this one. The price alone gives me a red flag to avoid the scheme. I am curious though to find out more about how the system really works after someone decides to invest in that much money with a very little talk about the company or the man behind this scheme. I bookmark your website and sharing with social media. 

  5. The same here with scam of $38,000. I have a video I recorded Stephen and Scott talking to us. I don’t know if that will help.

    • You can reach me at (916) 718-3943. I think I have been scammed by some members of this group (Scott Agee) who now operates a very similar program under the name of Plan B. I invested $3,000 as part of a “scholarship” program and was allowed to be in at the $14,000 level. It has been a month and a half and while they tell me I have 61 leads from my ad spend and 7 in the pipeline that are close to closing I only show 3 in my back office. I have reached out to several people there via text and Skype and at first they are receptive and will answer back assuring me that all will be fixed and within 48 hours I will see the 61 names in my “back office portal”. Weeks have gone by and I still do not see any more names other than the original 3 and when I press them to give me an accurate time line on when I can see my full pipeline of prospects they now no longer answer my texts or Skype messages. Looks like I have been scammed and now have to seek legal remedy.

  6. I also lost a great deal to OPM, is there a class action lawsuit that can be participated in to try and recoup some of the losses, I’d love to ruin those two assholes. Mark

  7. I too fell for it. I paid 32,000 in bitcoin. It makes me sick that I did that. I got one person to join and was fixing to get my coworker to sign up when I started getting wary and told him to wait till they gave me what they promised. Nothing after the first person. So my sponsor got money but I didn’t get back a dime. So glad I didn’t let my coworker sign up. They have shit off my dashboard now so I can’t even access the referrals that I paid 5000 to get.

      • Brent, does your attorney recommend a class action suit? Does a complaint to attorney generals actually accomplish anything in the long run? I would be available to join if an attorney would take on a suit. What do you think?
        Mark Cook – cook31459@gmail.com – 203-231-3665 – St. Petersburg, FL

  8. I was a sucker and was talked into this by Josh Snyder — the digital veteran. I still have one of his recorded voice mails from back in Nov. 2020 looking for the funds. I also was called by Max. He called me at least 4 times promising all the good stuff and he would be there to help me.
    He was well aware that I was 74 years old and living in an assisted living facility. I informed him that $17,000 was out of my reach. He convinced me to take out a credit card advance. I told him there was no way I could even make the payments for more than a couple months. I had no savings to tap. He told me I would be making enough within a couple months to pay the whole thing back — and all the sales and closing would be done for you.

    After they got my money, I never heard from any of them again — including Josh Snyder.

    I am almost embarrassed to write this and what a fool. Anyway, I have got zero in return.


    • Hello Alan

      I think we need to start by getting a list of individuals from this post and submit letters to FTC. But we need everyone to be on board

  9. Hey, Thanks to Brent I have finally found people who are actually in the program that aren’t Super affiliates and probably don’t even use the program, just sell the crap out of it, and could care less about the program even helping people learn to help others. Like Dave I too have invested $40k and owe more debt than ever before. I feel ashamed for taking the bait. As the “coach” (Ash Ali) never truly explained the biz model other than delivering the false promises. He did his job well then sent me inspiring biz videos when I started questioning “what the hell I got into”. Ash Ali advised me to get leads from an outside source (who was actually the only person who took the time to talk to me about all of this and even refunded me $500 at the end of the ad spend to help me recoup something. Moreover I have heard nothing new of their new biz ops as of lately…

  10. Hi Ivan I wouldn’t mind speaking to Brent Regan because story with opm is a carbon copy of my own. Spent 14500 for Posidon and 5000 for leads and with borrowing and interest lost over 40000. Been trying to communicate live with one of the owners since Dec 2020 Coach was Mark Alexander

    • Aloha Dave. I’m sorry I did not see this message until now. I just received a reply today from the Federal Trade Commission to further investigate OPM Wealth. I’m happy to prove the FTC with more contacts that are victims of the OPM Wealth Scam.

  11. Ivan, you are 100% correct. OPM Wealth is a TOTAL SCAM! Unfortunately I fell for it for a total cost of $34,450, which includes their marketing package which they run. That was money I didn’t have. You’re also correct that they encourage you to borrow money using massive credit card debt to pay for it. They use their coach “Max” to sell you on the concept. They promised a 25% closing ratio in their Poseidon level for projected monthly profits of $15-$25k/month, plus 37% closing ratios on their Zeus level with projected monthly profit of $50k- $60k/month. They do weekly video conference calls that basically tout their belief in QAnon theories and support for Donald Trump, while telling you they are still working on getting better conversions on their marketing since they have proven a 0% closing ratio since I’ve been a member for 8 months. I’m in the process of suing them for a full refund. Simple advice to anyone looking into OPM Wealth, STAY AWAY FROM IT!

    • Hi Brent, thanks for sharing your experience with OPM Wealth! I’m sorry to hear that you have felt for it, but I really hope that you will manage to get your money back. If I may ask, could you leave your experience with getting a refund for other people who joined the scheme but didn’t know how it really works and now want to get out? Thanks a lot!


    • Brent, thanks for the review and you are right I have been in for about 11 months
      paid 30k I did not have and got a loan with zero sales. Was the guy name Max your sponsor/coach, that’s the same guy that I am under also. I noticed on the site his full
      name as Max Alexander, I don’t think that is the same guy or he changed his last
      name? Hey will you drop me an email, I have a few questions.

      • Aloha Mike, Yes my coaches name was Max Alexander. My sponsor was Justin Verrengia. Justin is currently living in Puerto Rico. OPM Wealth has two “front men” Scott Agee and Stefan Dessalines. Since Scott lives in Alabama, my attorney suggested that I file a complaint with the Alabama Attorney General, which I did today. I believe Stefan lives in or near Los Angeles, so I will likely file a complaint to the California Attorney General as well. Next will be the FBI. I suggest that all people who have been conned and financially injured by these people and OPM Wealth do the same.

        • Hi Brent Ragan, thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience with OPM Wealth. We appreciate it and hope everything ends up fine for you.


        • Hello Brent

          Stefan Dessalines is the CEO of OPM Wealth and its sister company Plutus Plan. He lives in California. Can we chat sometime about this?

        • Hi Brent, can you please give me any update on what happened to your appeal with OPM from the authorities you reached out for help?
          I am also a victim of OPM and I just see this few days ago.
          I did created also some reviews like this but I guess those reviews I came across were not popular like Ivan. Thanks
          My name Henry Sarmiento
          My email sarmeinto.hr113@gmail.com

  12. This is a very inspirational read. I am so happy that I gave wealthy affiliate a try and to see that you are successful and financially free with your own business just gives me hope and motivation.

    I believe, like Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. I am working hard to master my WA business and know I will catch up and succeed. 

    Thanks for the great inspiration!

    • Hi Gregg, thanks for reaching out. Napoleon Hill was right! And wealthy affiliate is a great place to start a successful online business. I’m not a fan of schemes like OPM Wealth. It is not the way to start a real online business.


  13. I think there are some legitimate money-making opportunities here that can contribute to long term economic success.  I like the opportunity to enter at varying tiers and this could open up the opportunity to multiple people instead of just opening up the chance to one particular income class.  I think MLM can be an intimidating thought for many people and this program opens it up and helps smooth the initial training and entry process.  


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