Is Tupperware a Pyramid Scheme or Legit MLM? – Review

Is Tupperware a Pyramid Scheme? MLM Review

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One of the most popular brands in the world also offers an opportunity to earn by selling their popular plastic products.

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📘 About

Kitchen supplies MLM company.

💰 Cost

$60 for a starter kit, plus extra costs.


Well-established brand. Quality products have a good reputation. Large emphasis on direct product sales. Lifetime warranty on products. Relatively cheap way to start an extra income.

🛑 Cons

Most people won't earn money in this business. The full compensation plan isn't on their website. You'll have to approach friends and family to join. 

⚠️ Verdict

Tupperware is a legit MLM and a good choice for people who love their products. 

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Is Tupperware MLM a Scam?

In my review, I find that Tupperware MLM is not a scam. They genuinely offer useful products and fulfil their promise of compensating their specialists.

However, due to numerous instances of individuals losing money with them over the years, the company has developed a somewhat negative reputation. As a result, not everyone is willing to support MLMs because they are often seen as disguised pyramid schemes.

Many people argue that all Multi-level marketing is fraudulent because of the inherent focus on recruiting others. Unfortunately, this perception also applies to Tupperware MLM.

Nevertheless, as I have already concluded, the mere fact that a company employs individuals for marketing and sales does not automatically make it a scam or pyramid scheme.

To gain a better understanding of Tupperware MLM, I encourage you to continue reading this review. Explore the pros and cons, read reviews from other individuals, and determine whether this opportunity can provide a viable means of generating additional (or full-time) income.

What Is Tupperware?

Tupperware is a company that sells kitchen products specifically designed for storing items. They market their products through house events where specialists can host gatherings in their own or others’ homes to sell these items and earn revenue from each sale (more details coming soon!).

The company was founded by Earl Tupper in 1946 and is still in operation today.

Earl Tupper Creator & Founder

Is Tupperware an MLM?

Tupperware operates as a multi-level marketing (MLM) organization, wherein individuals join the business to earn money.

As a potential representative, you can generate income by selling their products and recruiting a team of representatives, who will also earn from their sales. It’s worth noting that most MLM firms do not endure beyond 3 years, so the fact that Tupperware is still thriving indicates their effective practices.

Here’s a brief overview of how Tupperware MLM works:

Tupperware offers a way to earn money from the comfort of your own home.

This opportunity is primarily aimed at housewives, chefs, and individuals seeking high-quality products for storing food and liquids.

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Is Tupperware a Pyramid Scheme?

Tupperware is not a pyramid scheme because participants make money through product sales and by recruiting new members. This dual approach ensures there is no financial risk involved.

Tupperware Pyramid Scheme

Before diving into further details, let’s first understand what a pyramid scheme actually is and how to identify one.

What Is a Pyramid Scheme?

According to Wikipedia, a pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members by promising payments or services for enrolling new members, rather than focusing on investments or product sales.

So why do so many people think Tupperware is a pyramid scheme?

The reason is that representatives can make commissions by selling their products. In reality, it’s because you can earn money by recruiting many individuals into the multi-level marketing scheme.

This is why some people refer to it as a pyramid scheme in disguise…

Is Tupperware Pyramid Scheme in Disquise?

Tupperware is not considered a pyramid scheme because it doesn’t require suppliers to purchase additional products or pay for training or events.

The company focuses more on marketing the product rather than recruiting, which distinguishes it as a regular network marketing business, not a pyramid scheme.

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How Does Tupperware MLM Work?

Instead of spending a significant amount of money on advertising and marketing, Tupperware MLM relies on everyday people to promote their products through the well-known “Tupperware Parties”.

When you sell their products, you earn a commission. Additionally, through their MLM model, you can also recruit new members to your downline and earn from their sales.

Are “Tupperware Parties” Still a Thing?

Did you know that there is a “Tupperware party” being started every 3 seconds around the world? Although I haven’t encountered much about Tupperware parties in recent years, they used to be more common when I was younger.

Here’s a video demonstration of one such party…

One of the downsides of these parties is the ease and affordability of purchasing kitchen products online.

However, home parties do have their allure. When something is showcased effectively and people attend to see it, there is a greater sense of obligation to make a purchase.

This is how Tupperware has successfully built a strong MLM company over the past 40 years.

What Products Does Tupperware Sell?

In this review, as mentioned earlier, Tupperware MLM offers a diverse selection of kitchen products that are used for storing, serving, and preparing food.

Tupperware Products

Tupperware products can be categorized into the following groups:

  • Kitchen Tools
  • Cookware & Bakeware
  • Serveware
  • Food Storage
  • Kids & Toys
  • On the Go

Are Tupperware Products Safe?

According to The Green Guide, a website and magazine owned by the National Geographic Society, the safest plastics for storing food are high-density polyethene (HDPE or plastic #2), low-density polyethene (LDPE or plastic #4), and polypropylene (PP or plastic #5).

Most Tupperware products are made of LDPE or PP, making them safe for repeated use in storing food and dishwasher cycles.

Tupperware Product Safety

Are Tupperware Products Of Good Quality?

Tupperware is known for its durability and longevity. However, like any other product, it can become damaged over time due to wear and tear or careless usage. Most Tupperware items feature rounded edges to prevent any cuts or injuries to you or your children.

The lids of Tupperware containers are also made of sturdy plastic and are designed in a rounded shape to ensure they won’t break and won’t cause any harm.

Additionally, Tupperware offers a lifetime warranty for its products, so with proper care, they can last for a long time.

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How To Make Money With Tupperware MLM?

There are two ways to generate income from Tupperware MLM:

  • Marketing products
  • Recruiting members

This service focuses on sharing and offering products that you use and are passionate about. By sharing these products, you have the opportunity to earn a profit.

Unlike other multi-level marketing businesses, Tupperware doesn’t excessively exaggerate its opportunity. While some representatives may mention the possibility of making a six-figure income, it’s important to note that this is a deceptive and highly uncommon tactic that discerning individuals can easily see through.

Tupperware Party

By involving others to host their home events, you can also earn a percentage from their sales. Furthermore, if your recruits bring in more people, you can additionally earn a percentage from their sales as well, going several levels deep.

This is the primary reason why some claim that Tupperware is a pyramid scheme…

However, as discussed earlier, recruiting new sales representatives is not the only way to earn money with MLM. Unsurprisingly, you will earn much more from recruiting than from selling. Recruiting can help generate passive income.

That being said, let’s explore how you can join and the membership costs in the next part of my Tupperware MLM review.

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How Much Does It Cost To Join Tupperware MLM?

To join Tupperware MLM, you’ll need to pay $60 for the Basic Company Kit. The process involves visiting the Tupperware “Join Us” page and providing the necessary information.

However, I stumbled upon a YouTube video that suggests you must purchase $600 worth of products every 6 months to maintain your status as a company representative.

In the first year alone, the minimum expense totals $1,260! And that’s not even considering additional costs like advertising, training, packaging, and so on.

Here’s the mentioned video…

Is Tupperware MLM Compensation Plan Any Good?

Tupperware’s compensation plan offers four ways to earn payment:

  1. Personal sales – 25% commission
  2. Unit/ team sales – 2-8% bonus for the sales of your downline
  3. Leadership commission – 3-10% bonus on “director” downline team members
  4. Additional bonus opportunities- One-time bonuses for promotions ($100-$2,500)
Tupperware Compensation Plan

You will receive a 25% commission on all products you sell, which is a decent offer. Unlike many MLMs, this commission rate is considerably higher, ensuring a healthy profit without having to make unrealistic sales figures.

Moreover, if you exceed $1,500 in a month, you can earn an additional 5%. And if you surpass this mark by a substantial margin, your earnings can be further increased.

Can You Make Money With Tupperware MLM?

You can certainly make money with Tupperware MLM. I don’t see why not. However, it’s important to keep in mind that MLMs have a very low success rate, making it extremely difficult to earn money through them.

If you take a look at the Tupperware income disclosure for 2017, you’ll see that active consultants earned less than $700 in the previous year. Inactive representatives made just over $20.

So, while it is possible to make money with Tupperware MLM, be aware of the challenges and low earnings potential associated with it.

Tupperware Income Disclosure

The table above shows that only the top 1-2% make money in the Tupperware MLM industry. This doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed, but it does indicate that the majority of people who join don’t even earn a part-time income.

Many individuals sign up on impulse without taking it seriously or realizing that it may not be the right fit for them. Keep in mind that achieving success in any multi-level marketing system requires hard work.

It’s even more challenging to maintain success once you’ve built a downline due to the high failure rate.

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What I Like About Tupperware

Low-Cost Products

It is a positive indication of a good business that Tupperware products remain affordable. When businesses offer budget-friendly products, they attract potential customers.

When searching on, it can be difficult to find containers that are as reasonably priced as their Tupperware counterparts.

Tupperware Cheap Products

Most people rely on microwaves, and these affordable bowls are suitable for many. This is a great indicator that Tupperware is a legitimate product and not a scam.

Positive Product Reviews

Many individuals are incredibly enthusiastic about Tupperware products. Some even boast of using these items for decades, and they still keep them to this day!

Tupperware Positive Product Reviews

After reviewing numerous testimonials and watching YouTube reviews, it does seem like the high quality of the products may be declining. However, there are still many people who enjoy them.

Tupperware Is a Time-Tested Company

The business has been operating since 1946, which is a strong indication that Tupperware is not a scam and is unlikely to disappear overnight.

Unfortunately, there are instances in online marketing where individuals make a decent income, only to see the network marketing vanish along with their earnings.

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What I Don’t Like About Tupperware

Tupperware MLM Looks Like a Pyramid Scheme

Professionals can only guarantee avoiding financial losses every 6 months by hiring more individuals. However, any business that relies solely on hiring to generate significant profit ends up resembling a pyramid scheme.

Tupperware Pyramid Scheme Disguise

I’m not claiming that Tupperware MLM is a pyramid scheme. I’m just suggesting that recruiting eventually becomes necessary to achieve great success.

Rising Monthly Expenses

Learning to become a Tupperware expert can be a challenging task. However, this is a common occurrence in MLM companies.

One problem that arises is when experts fail to meet the required quantity, they end up stockpiling and buying excessive amounts of Tupperware to maintain their “active” status, hoping to become their own boss in the following month.

Most People Lose Money With Tupperware MLM

The Tupperware earnings disclosure shows that just 0.12% of all participants earn over $32k per year. In contrast, a staggering 96.92% of members generally earn much less than $700 annually.

Tupperware MLM Review Low Earnings

If you consider the $600 sales quota within 6 months, it’s evident why many people end up losing money.

Descending Trend In Google

During my research for this Tupperware MLM review, I observed a declining trend in this business.

It becomes challenging to sell their items when individuals are not actively seeking multi-level marketing products regularly.

Tupperware MLM Reviews & Complaints

Most Liked Positive Comment

“I could live on fresh fruits and vegetables. Our garden last year produced so much, that I could barely eat the fresh food before it went bad in my fridge.

A Tupperware consultant(good friend) suggested this product(fridge smart) and loaned me a set to try. In two weeks I had ordered the complete set for myself.

I am constantly amazed at how long my tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce stay fresh. . . .weeks!

Each container has two vents, allowing the right amount of air circulation into the product for optimal storage.

The larger pieces also list the container fruit and vegetable types and what vent level is appropriate (both closed, both open, one of each) The smaller ones lack that feature due to space limitations.

The larger sizes are my favourite, as more volume and diverse foods can be stored. The large round container is a must for lettuce.

Tupperware is expensive but comes with a lifetime guarantee (meaning if your dishwasher eats the lid or a vent, you get a new one with just a shipping cost).

Hosting a party gets you half-price items and discounts, but you can also order online at any time with a slight extra in shipping and handling.”

Most Liked Negative Comment

“A supervisor named Albert revealed to me that a restaurant review had to return their top-of-the-line Chef Series Tupperware pans as they were found to leak metal into the food.

It was very difficult to get a supervisor on the phone after a customer service representative named Christina, threatened to hang up the phone on me because I asked to talk with a supervisor after being cross-examined about why I waited 2 months after I received the defective item I was calling about and then being accused of possible deliberate damage to the pan.

I called to find out about a broken handle I received on a new and unused one of their pans, and I was told they may or may not repair or replace the item as it depends on how they “review” it.

However, I never used the pan. I only took it out of the box and saw the broken handle. I asked if I could receive a return shipping label but I was told I would have to pay for shipping it back myself and I may also have to pay for the return shipping back to me if they review so.

Although the pan is still under warranty(including their satisfaction guarantee) and I was accused of possible deliberate damage to this never used pan, this $279 pan may be a health hazard on top of everything.

The Tupperware company management has one of the worst company customer service treatments I have ever experienced, and I will never buy anything from Tupperware ever again.”

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Tupperware MLM Review – Conclusion

In my review, I want to clarify that Tupperware MLM is a legitimate business and not a pyramid scheme or scam. If you choose to join, you can feel safe.

However, despite its legitimacy, I do not recommend this business. MLM as a business model is generally not advised if you want to make substantial earnings. It typically requires aggressive recruitment efforts, resembling the practices of pyramid schemes.

Nevertheless, if you have a genuine passion for these products and possess strong interpersonal skills, you may want to consider them.

Ultimately, there are better opportunities available, which I will discuss further below.

Thank you for reading my Tupperware MLM review. I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you been or are you currently affiliated with this business?

Please feel free to share your reviews at the end of this page.

📘 About

Kitchen supplies MLM company.

💰 Cost

$60 for a starter kit, plus extra costs.


Well-established brand. Quality products have a good reputation. Large emphasis on direct product sales. Lifetime warranty on products. Relatively cheap way to start an extra income.

🛑 Cons

Most people won't earn money in this business. The full compensation plan isn't on their website. You'll have to approach friends and family to join. 

⚠️ Verdict

Tupperware is a legit MLM and a good choice for people who love their products. 

📈 Rating

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