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Wealthy Affiliate Program Review

The affiliate marketing training program, Wealthy Affiliate, is created over a decade ago by Kyle and Carson, two recognized experts in the field.

And now, Wealthy Affiliate is ‘THE’ authority in the field of affiliate marketing training.

In both my objective and subjective opinions, Wealthy Affiliate University is the best training program you can find out there when it comes to learning the business.

Take a look at some ‘self-rising’ numbers they own.

Wealthy Affiliate

Many training programs will lure you with promises of quick success and easy money, but don’t be fooled!

It’s all merely a smokescreen so they can take your cash!

Success and money don’t go in the same sentence with quick and easy.

Therefore, if you are looking for a comprehensive, but the beginner-friendly program, you will find that Wealthy Affiliate is all that you are looking for.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best decisions I have made in my life so if you are ready to GET ROLLING, your journey starts a click below.

Good luck! Ivan.


Wealthy Affiliate Program


If you, however, have some doubts in your mind, then feel free to check out the rest of my Wealthy Affiliate Review to clear those thoughts away.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate Program for?

The best of all programs you will find out there is for:

  • anyone who wants to learn about affiliate marketing.
  • beginners with zero knowledge.
  • more advanced marketers who want to grow and learn more.
  • ladies and gentlemen, elders and children.


It starts with kindergarten, and it finishes with a university diploma.

This training program is for anyone who is serious about starting an online business. For people who want to increase their income, as well as for people who are serious about a career in affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Mission

Wealthy Affiliate Program Mission

I am a living and breathing example of mission accomplished!

What is Wealthy Affiliate Program for?

The program is here to teach you what affiliate marketing is in general.

Moreover, you will learn:

  • how to create your website
  • how to write your first, and later on, more advanced content
  • how to use keywords (crucial for beginners!)


  • how to monetize your website so you can start earning money
  • how to get initial traffic on your site (this is GOLD)
  • how to use social media, and much much more!

It would take me 3 hours to write down every single thing what will you get and learn here.

Why Do I Recommend it?

When I was starting, I spent so much time and money roaming online, trying to find someone to teach me affiliate marketing.

All I could find was bits and pieces, training programs full of holes which eventually are asking you to pay a lot more than the initial $50. I am talking about hundreds and thousands of dollars. It was ridiculous!

My life and online business were never the same after I joined this program. I dropped a huge boulder off my shoulders, and finally, I began with my work seriously and full of enthusiasm. The same feeling I had when I discovered the world of affiliate marketing.

My Wealthy Affiliate Membership

To save you your time, money, and a lot of nerves, I recommend you to go with Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, let’s get serious and dig in deep into this online affiliate marketing training program.

In my comprehensive review, you will discover what is contained in the program, pros and cons of the program,  what types of membership you will be offered and lots more!

Here we go!

About the Program

An online, step-by-step training course for beginners as well as more advanced affiliate marketers.

So-called Wealthy Affiliate University is more than a training program; it is a broad community composed of aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world.

You will be introduced to the world of affiliate marketing in simple words so you can understand and apply everything.

Even without any previous knowledge, you will learn how to master four basic steps of affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing Basic Four Step Model

It includes basic, and more advanced video lessons followed by daily tasks to accelerate your learning curve continuously.

As well as, feature tools such as Integrated Keyword Research Tool Jaaxy, Web Domain Hosting, WordPress Site Builder, Live Chat, and much more that can’t be found in any other affiliate marketing training program on the market.

About Kyle and Carson, the Founders.

These two guys are probably the only two honest persons in the domain of affiliate marketing training!

Kyle Wealthy Affiliate Co Founder

I tried a few other options such as Internet JetSet, Affilorama, and SFM. However, Kyle and Carson’s Wealthy Affiliate is the only program that I managed to find that isn’t focused on taking your money in return for bits and pieces.

Almost 15 years ago, 13 to be precise, these two Canadians were in the same spot as you are right now. They were discovering affiliate marketing and its opportunities. As their success and income increased, they decided to share their knowledge with the rest of the world.

Carson Wealthy Affiliate Co FounderFast-forward to the present moment; Wealthy Affiliate boasts of thousands and thousands of happy affiliate marketers.

I like an honest approach to business, which is exactly what you can expect from Kyle and Carson. For PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP you will get everything, and I mean everything you need to establish your website successfully and to start to generate your first income.

Wealthy Affiliate Program Review

Where to begin?!

Ok, let’s start with the most important part of the program.

Wealthy Affiliate Training SectionTraining Section

In this section, you will find all the knowledge you need to start your online entrepreneurship career.

Video Lessons or Online Entrepreneur Certification

Here are five levels or courses with which you begin your entrepreneurship journey. The classes are fine-tuned and are connected to each other extremely well. You are led by hand, step-by-step, throughout the entire process.

At the end of every video lesson, you will be given a few tasks to perform right after you complete the lesson. This piece of action gets you going in just a matter of days!

Training Section Video Lessons


With the Level 1 or Getting Started course, you will learn how to choose a niche, build your website for FREE, how to set up your WordPress, how to create content, how to perform keyword research, and much more!

Level 2 or Building Your Own Traffic-Producing Website. As you may already know, the key component to affiliate marketing is traffic. The more traffic you get on your website, the more potential customers you get.

Wealthy Affiliate has got you covered here as well.

Traffic is the first roadblock which every online entrepreneur encounters, and sadly, that is the point of giving up to 99% of people.

With Wealthy Affiliate, this is not the case! You are shown well-kept secrets to unlocking the traffic flood to your website. Here, the stuff I couldn’t find in any other course is handed over to you!

On Level 3 of the course, the sweet part called Making Money. You will learn how to start monetizing your website using affiliate links and Google AdSense. In the end, this is one of the reasons why you want to start your own affiliate marketing business, right?

Service for dollars, or euros, whatever you keep in your wallet.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification course continues through two more Levels.

Level 4 or Mastering Social Engagement. Social media plays a significant role in the affiliate marketing business. To learn how to leverage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube can be a priceless addition to your website traffic count.

Finally, on Level 5, Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation, you are wrapped up and ready to go on your own! Content is KING, and you are the KING of the content. Your readers are coming for information and entertainment, and here you will learn how to provide the best of both.

Affiliate Bootcamp

If you don’t know what to promote, or you don’t know which niche to choose to start with to gain the requisite experience, jump into Affiliate Bootcamp!

It is composed of 7 phases and 70 videos altogether to walk you through the process of building a website in an affiliate marketing niche.

Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp Logo

Just another example why Wealthy Affiliate is training course number one! The guys covered literally every roadblock you could possibly stumble upon, providing amazing solutions for how to get over, under, or around them.

My Training Activity

Here you can view only videos and tutorials you have already passed. As you are well aware, repetition is key to learning. Having the option to go over and reinforce the knowledge you have gained can secure your success in the business.

Training HQ

Access to the knowledge database, or treasury of knowledge. Here you have at a glance all lessons, videos, and tutorials within Wealthy Affiliate.

Program Training HQ

My suggestion is not to go inside until you finish your training for Online Entrepreneurship and Affiliate Bootcamp. In my opinion, it is a bit disorganized section, and it can be overwhelming to see a bunch of videos just thrown in there.

Classrooms (this is GOLD)

Do you have a question? You can jump in the classrooms section within Wealthy Affiliate and you ask a question or search for advice. It is the place where more experienced members of the community will gladly reach out to you and offer you a helping hand.

Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms

Websites Section

UWebsites Sectionnlike other online affiliate marketing courses and program, Wealthy Affiliate offers you an option to host your website domain on their server!

No need to jump around the net to Bluehost, GoDaddy, and others to purchase your domain name and hosting when you can get it included in your membership.



If you go for FREE MEMBERSHIP, your website name has to carry .SiteRubix.com. For example yourwebsite.siterubix.com

If you go for PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, you can register a domain name without siterubix prefixes. For example yourwebsite.com

To have web hosting, as well as Website Builder, included within the program is a genial move from Kyle and Carson. For me, it is the most convenient feature of the whole Wealthy Affiliate program.

SiteManager – here you have your websites at a glance. You are the manager of your business, and this is your office

SiteBuilder – don’t know how? It takes three clicks at Wealthy Affiliate. Guys do everything instead of you!

SiteDomains – you can manage all your web domains in one place

SiteContent – powerful platform for writing your content (if you are a beginner blogger, this is absolute GOLD)

SiteComments – get reactions to your posts before Google even finds you!

SiteFeedback – want to know what others might say about your website content, design, layout?

SiteSupport – God forbid something happens to your site.

Live Events

The thirst and search for knowledge at Wealthy Affiliate are never-ending. Here, you can preview the upcoming webinars, hosted by ambassador members of the community. Knowledge, knowledge everywhere.

Live Events Section


The most powerful keyword research tool is integrated with your PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP!

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

The keywords are the core of your affiliate marketing business. You build everything around them. Here you can manage your keywords, create lists, search your ranking with keywords, search you niche for affiliate programs, use artificial intelligence to do idea brainstorming instead of you, and much more!

To have an option to jump into the keyword research tool while working on your website content is another genius move by Kyle and Carson.

Live Chat

If you want to join a discussion or start one by yourself, go ahead. Many, many active members at Wealthy Affiliate enjoy communicating by sharing ideas, tips, and advice.

Help Center

Once more, God forbid something should happen to your website, you can even personally contact Kyle and Carson.

Help Center Section

Wealthy Affiliate Pros:

  • Ideal for beginners (zero knowledge required)
  • Step-by-step video lessons
  • Free website
  • Website hosting included
  • WordPress included
  • Jaaxy keyword research tool included
  • Largest online affiliate marketing community
  • WA affiliate program
  • Free to try out
  • No up selling after joining with PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP

Wealthy Affiliate Cons:

  • A bit overwhelming platform (not the program!)
  • Exclusive features only with PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP

Membership Price and Options

Now, here you will have four membership options.


With a starter membership, you will get two free websites to start with, as well as access to courses on how to set up your free sites and how to monetize them. Unfortunately, some other training and features will be locked.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership

Honestly, this kind of membership is only for skeptics. Those who are serious about doing business online will want to take the third or last option immediately. Hope you are not a skeptic…

However, for those of you who are, Kyle and Carson did think of you as well.

1st Month PREMIUM OFFER $19 per month 

Specially designed for nonbelievers and skeptics, this type of membership unlocks complete access to all what Wealthy Affiliate can offer, and more!

It will not run for a long time, only the first month will be $19. After that, you can decide to be or not be? If you are still a skeptic, then don’t be.

However, I know you are here for a serious reason, and that is why I recommend the third or fourth (money-saver) option.


Now you can fulfill your dream and start generating a passive income, side business, or even go hardcore and quit your job to give all you have to learn affiliate marketing business!

You will have full access to all training, chatrooms, and all individual features.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Offer

Go YEARLY and save $205! 

Math is so simple, that is why I love it. Check it out!

$49 x 12 months = $588

$29.92 x 12 months = $359.04

$588 – $359 = $205 more in your pocket!

To those of you who have a firm decision that you will finish what you have started, I recommend YEARLY MEMBERSHIP.

$205 extra which you can spend on let’s say, FB ad campaign, testing and trying out products for promotion on your website, new domain names for future sites, and a lot more!

Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary  

At the end of this comprehensive review, I will round up this online affiliate marketing training program in few sentences.

First of all, I hope you got all the information you needed. It was my pleasure the review Wealthy Affiliate.

Second. When we speak about the price of any other program on the market, none of them can compare with this one.

Third. Talking about the quality, to compare Wealthy Affiliate with others would be ridiculous as well.

Fourth. It is the only training program that can be called University because it has the largest online affiliate marketing community!

Fifth. As a member of the community and a successful affiliate marketer, I sincerely recommend you to sing up with Wealthy Affiliate Program to join us on this exciting journey.

Starter Membership Offer



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