Digital Profit Course Review – Read These Reviews & Complaints!

Welcome to my Digital Profit Course review.

Digital Profit Course is an opportunity to create an income leveraging the internet. The course is available only in India, and it costs Rs. 4980 one time.

So is it a scam or legit?

The course appears to be legitimate, but there are tons of negative reviews and complaints all over the net that you should read before going any further.

Based on my research, it could be a scam!

Why I’m I saying this?

Well, you’ll be shocked to learn that Digital Profit Course is a copy-paste version of the well-known platform for learning digital marketing, Wealthy Affiliate, which is a highly recommended place to start an online business.

In other words, someone has simply “stole” the concept behind WA to sell it in India.

Also, there is no information about who really owns this course, which is a huge red flag.

But that’s not all, Digital Profit Course has got a lot of negative reviews from users in India who claim that they’ve been scammed by this platform.

So in my opinion, Digital Profit Course is not 100% legitimate.

In the rest of this review, I’ll show you all the details you need to know about DPC.

Digital Profit Course Review


Digital Profit Course Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Price: Rs.4980
  • Product Owner: Unknown
  • Money-Back Guarantee: No
  • Recommended?: No

Overview: Digital Profit Course is a training program that teaches how to start an online business based on blogging and affiliate marketing, which is available only in India.

The process is relatively simple but exhausting. You can learn how to build a website, choosing a niche and find affiliate programs, write blog posts to get traffic, and earn revenue through affiliate marketing.

The course is only three months long, which is not enough to master these skills and earn an income.

Also, the course has got TONS of negative reviews, and a boatload of customer complaints where all people are unanimous and are calling it a scam. All are disclosed in the later section of this review.

The bottom line is, I don’t recommend Digital Profit Course. In my opinion, it’s a knockoff of Wealthy Affiliate and not worth the trouble.

My #1 recommendation (Wealthy Affiliate) is a 100% legitimate program that helped me to go from being a complete newbie to making $100’s per day with affiliate marketing!




What is Digital Profit Course?

Digital Profit Course is a practical 3-month e-learning course based on affiliate marketing and blogging.

So in other words, it’s a work at home opportunity available for anyone interested in earning money while working from the comfort of your home.

But this is all the information that you get before signing up for this course, which is a red flag.

Digital Profit Course Signup Form

See, legitimate companies always provide as many details as possible before asking you to pay for a membership or give them your phone number and email address.

So right from the start, this seems to be a scam.

How Much Digital Profit Course Costs?

As I said, it’s a 3-month long course. To get started, you’ll have to pay for a three-month membership that is available only in India for Rs.4980 (about $67) one time. There are no recurring fees.

But once again, giving your money to a company that is not willing to disclose legal information would not be a smart move.

It seems to me that someone is collecting money and giving away a half-baked course in return.



How Does Digital Profit Course Work?

In this section of the review, I’m going to show you how Digital Profit Course works briefly. The official site says that it takes four steps, so here it is:

  1. Choose an Interest
  2. Build a Blog or a Website
  3. Bring People to See You Blog
  4. Start Earning

The main idea behind affiliate marketing is to find a niche, which is the first and the most important step of the process. This could be anything you like. Some of the top niches are health & fitness, making money online, pets, etc.

The second step of the Digital Profit Course is to build a website with which you’re supposed to share the information about your niche to get rankings and people on your blog.

Digital Profit Course Steps

Lastly, once you complete the first three steps, you can start promoting a niche-related product on your site to earn commissions.

You can leverage Amazon, ClickBank, eBay, or any other online marketplace that has an affiliate program to make money with Digital Profit Course.

Now, the process looks simple on paper, and this course contains legitimate instructions on how to complete these four steps. However, in reality, this is a process that takes time.

In other words, it may take months and even years to achieve significant results.

I’m not sure that only three months are going to be enough to learn all these steps and to start earning an income.

Who is Digital Profit Course For?

First of all, Digital Profit Course is only for residents of India. The course is not available worldwide. It’s for people who are interested in building a blog and earning money through affiliate programs.

The process they teach is relatively simple and easy to comprehend, which makes DPC suitable for newbies.

However, you should read the next section of my Digital Profit Course review before you jump to any conclusions of your own and start joining DPC.

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Digital Profit Course Reviews and Complaints

I was shocked by the number of negative reviews and complaints filed by people who have been members of the Digital Profit Course. Most of them are disappointed and are calling DPC a scam.

This is not a good sign for people who are getting started with this program. If there are so many complaints, and very few positive reviews, it’s evident that something is not right about Digital Profit Course.

Digital Profit Course Reviews & Complaints #1

Digital Profit Course Reviews & Complaints #2

Digital Profit Course Reviews & Complaints #3

I noticed a pattern that occurs in all those complaints and negative reviews. A lot of people have said that they paid for the course, but they can’t get access after submitting the payment.

And the number of not answered refund requests is scary too.

Update: It’s been three months since I published this Digital Profit Course review, and in the meantime, I found more and more negative reviews and complaints all over the net.

Digital Profit Course Review

DPC Review

One word seems to be repeating itself over and over again in every single customer review. FAKE!

Truth be told, affiliate marketing and blogging are great ways to start an income online and there are a few courses that could teach you these skills. However, Digital Profit Course is not one of the.

What I Like About Digital Profit Course

  • Teaches About Blogging and Affiliate Marketing
  • One Time Membership Fee

Teaches About Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Digital Profit Course is specialized in teaching legitimate methods for creating online business and earning an income online. Affiliate marketing is a proven system and highly recommended too.

One Time Membership Fee

There are no recurring fees after you pay Rs.4890 for membership. However, there is a lot of problems with their membership that I’ll discuss in the next section of the Digital Profit Course review.

What I Don’t Like About This

  • Too Much Negative Reviews and Complaints
  • It Looks Like They Don’t Refund The Membership
  • It’s Only 3 Months Long Course
  • No Information About The Owners
  • They Ask For Your Phone Number During Registration
  • Digital Profit Course Copies Wealthy Affiliate

Too Much Negative Reviews and Complaints

The first sign that Digital Profit Course could be a scam is in a substantial number of negative reviews and complaints coming from people who have paid to get this education.

You should always trust the voice of the people. In this case, they say that DPC is not trusted.

It Looks Like They Don’t Refund The Membership

Some of those members have complained that their refund requests have been ignored by the owners of the platform, which is something to consider as well.

The platform claims that they give a 30-days money-back guarantee, but it seems like they don’t follow through.

It’s Only 3 Months Long Course

Three months is a short period to learn about blogging and affiliate marketing, which makes this course inferior when compared with some leaders in the industry.

No Information About The Owners

Another red flag that shows that Digital Profit Course could be a scam is the lack of details and information about the owners of the platform. This should always be disclosed on the official pages.

They Ask For Your Phone Number During Registration

I don’t see the reason why they ask for your phone number during the registration process. I’m guessing that they will sell your phone to other scams that will try to convince you into buying more worthless material that will not make you any income online.

Digital Profit Course Copies Wealthy Affiliate

When I saw this course, I instantly recognized the similarities between DPC and Wealthy Affiliate. In other words, DPC is a copy of Wealthy Affiliate.

This just shows that whoever is behind DPC is not serious about creating a brand. You can’t just copy someone else’s brand and system.

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Is Digital Profit Course a Scam or Legit?

In my opinion, Digital Profit Course is a scam. The reason why I say so is that the program has got a lot of negative reviews and complaints, lacks transparency, and seems suspicious in more than one way.

It’s highly concerning that the company does not reveal what it is that you’ll be doing to make money online. They don’t tell you what skills, knowledge, or technology you need to start a business.

Moreover, it seems that all they want to do is to get you to sign up.

In my opinion, the lack of transparency is a HUGE RED FLAG.

Any company that does not provide you with key details about the course before you give them your bank details could be considered a scam.

Also, if Digital Profit Course were a legit offer, there would be more positive reviews out there, wouldn’t you agree? And they would honor their refund policies instead of ignoring their customers.

Just take another look at all those complaints from legitimate customers.

Would you call it legitimate after seeing all those complaints and negative reviews?

The bottom line is, this company is not a legitimate operation, and my advice is to avoid this program.

Final Words and Honest Recommendation

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start an income online, create more free time in your life, and even quit your job.

However, don’t trust sites that say that it’s an easy thing to do.

Becoming successful in blogging and affiliate marketing takes a lot of time and effort. And of course, you need to invest some money too. There’s no such thing as something for nothing.

Unfortunately, many courses are trying to sell you a different story.

Moreover, there are more and more courses like Digital Profit Course that are basically designed to make money from you and not help you to make money.

I don’t see any reasons to recommend this course to you.

Thanks for reading my Digital Profit Course review. I hope it was helpful.

How I Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

My recommendation is to try something that is proven to work for regular people like you and me over and over again.

The program that I recommend is 100% scam-free and is an authority figure in the world of digital marketing education.

I say so because I managed to leverage the program myself to earn a recurring income online, and I’m more than confident that you can do the same if you follow through.

If you want to start a successful online business, click the button below to learn more!

This exact system made me go from $0 to earning $100’s per day with affiliate marketing.





If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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22 thoughts on “Digital Profit Course Review – Read These Reviews & Complaints!”

  1. Hello Ivan, 

    I am thinking even if Digital Profit were for me it wouldn’t work since I do not live in India! I am going to ask though, does this Best Way to Make Money Online that you recommend work anywhere in the world?

    I am asking because I am looking got make money online and if I do, it would be hard to tell where I might end up. I am wanting to travel and see more of this great big world!

    Thanks for sharing bro!


    • Hi Chad, thanks for your comment on my review. Yes, if you’re not in India, you can’t access Digital Profit Course. However, my #1 recommendation is available almost everywhere in the world.


  2. Why will someone go for imitation when you can have the original. A crash 3 months course can not be compared with all the package wealthy affiliate is made of up.  Top of it you said they have lots of negative review and seams they do not refund their clients. I will recommend  wealthy affiliate to anybody looking to run a successful online business 

    • Hi Parameter, thanks for your comment on my review of the Digital Profit Course. Glad to hear that you can see the difference between the original and a knock off. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start with affiliate marketing. They offer so much value that it’s unbeliveable. Most importantly, their course works!


  3. Hi Ivan. I read before about digital profit course and same as you I was very surprised seeing number of negative opinions. It makes sense now when I see its just stolen from wealthy affiliate. Definitely not something I would recommend, we should not pay for copy-paste materials. Much better is to go directly to wealthy affiliate platform which offer tons of training materials and great, supportive community.

    • Hi Cogito, thanks for your comment. I agree. It’s much better to go directly to Wealthy Affiliate and learn from the best than to fall victim to a clone site like Digital Profit Course. As you can see, they’ve got a lot of critics from users. Some even say it’s a scam, which is to be taken seriously.


  4. I was not aware of this Digital Profit Course program and that it is available only in India. After reading the amazing review that you have written, I’ve come to know what this platform is like. There is no mention of an owner and there is no money back guarantee, as well as it has bad reviews! They also copied Wealthy Affiliate’s contents!

    This is definitely is no no for me.

    Thank you for brining this scam platform to everyone’s attention.

  5. Hey, Ivan.

    Hope you’re doing well, my friend.

    Once again, in my journey, I am one review too late. I know it’s not that much, but I shelled out a small portion of my saving in hopes that I can profit from this course.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t make a dime and realized that the Digital Profit Course is indeed a stinky scam that everyone should stay away from.

    There’s nothing useful that I could have learned, and when I tried to ask for my money back, they just ignored all of my messages and inquiries.

    I really need to start visiting your blog more often, bud. That alone would have saved me hundreds by now. 🙁

    • Hi Gorjan, thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry that you haven’t got here on time. But, at least now you know what Digital Profit Course is all about. Unfortunately, a lot of members of the platform have reported the same issues. Make sure to always do your research before handing over your cash to anyone on the net.


  6. Hey Ivan, thank you for this informative review on a similar program that I have come across before.

    The website looks professional enough to attract new members but like you mention there is a lot of negative feedback.

    Apparently, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee but what you often find is that people asking for refunds are ignored so that it goes beyond the 30 days. I see that often!

    Not sure what they are trying to portray with the number of Members, 17,59,957?

    Is it 1,759,957 like it should be or is it 17 million with a number missing. It could also just be a genuine mistake.

    What happens after the 3 months, is the membership just deleted?

    Thank you for sharing.


    • Hi Mick, thanks for sharing your comment. Yes, it’s professionally done but as you can see, Digital Profit Course is nothing more than a copy of Wealthy Affiliate. A lot of people have complained that they never received their money when they asked for a refund, which is a huge scam sign.

      The number of members could be faked as well. They made a mistake in decimals and they don’t even care to correct it. It just shows you how unprofessional this scam is. To be honest, I have no ideas about what happens after three months. I’m guessing you get to keep the access. In any case, this course is not recommended!


  7. Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for this article intorducing the Indian version of Wealthy Affiliate, which is a nice try I must say. Reading that there are tons of complaints online is sad since it’s like a good start with a bad ending.

    Just like what you mentioned in the Cons, if the negative reviews outweighs positive ones, there must be something wrong inside this platform. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the best place to start, I believe people should try it out by the link you provide above. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Matt, thanks for reaching out. That’s true. If the negative reviews outweigh positive ones, something is definitely wrong with it. I really think that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start an online business because I’ve tried it myself and have managed to earn a lot of commissions so far thanks to WA. The training works, but only if you work on it. Thanks for your comment.


  8. How long has the Digital Profit Course been around? I wonder, if it is a copy-paste program of Wealthy Affiliate, then how much longer will they be online … Do you think that soon someone may report them?
    The complaints are bad … All three complaints that you showed indicated the same problem, no refunds. The owners are clearly ignoring the requests for a refund … The owners we do not even know, because that does not even seem to be clear …
    Asking for your phone number is also something that I don’t like … I was wondering about the reason, but I am glad that you pointed it out, that it might be sold to other scams …
    There are so many scams online, it’s really sad … I wish they could be stopped, somehow.

    • Hi Christine, I think Digital Profit Course has been around for a few years now. It’s a detail-by-detail copy of Wealthy Affiliate, but they took the main idea from WA to create DPC. They still have their own logo, name, and a touch of uniqueness to their program. All they took from WA is the core steps for starting an online business. I’m sure this is not illegal, so they won’t get in trouble if someone does.

      In any case, the platform is not 100% legitimate and I do not recommend joining them. As you can see, they treat people like garbage, and you don’t want to be treated like that when you’re paying customer.


  9. Hi Ivan,

    Well I have to thank you for the informative, but especially honest, review.

    I’m totally with you on this one – there’s just too many red flags, and my scam radar has definitely been alerted.

    Firstly, even though I’m from the UK, I am of Indian origin, so I know just how much Rs.4980 would mean to many households in India.

    Even though it’s the equivalent of about £50 sterling (US$65), in terms of comparison of average monthly salaries and cost of living for each country, this equates to about £400 ($500).

    That’s a lot of money to shell for a 3-month course, when you know it’s just a 3-month course and that’s it (as you say, barely enough time to learn the basics, never mind more advanced methods of affiliate marketing.

    I’m extremely perturbed by the number of complaints, especially when the majority appear to be about not being able to get any response from the owners and a lack of refunds within the 30-day refund-guaranteed period.

    Not Good.

    I am aware of the alternative (Wealthy Affiliate) that you have suggested and have heard nothing but great things about them. They definitely seem like a more surefire bet Digital Profit Course.

    I appreciate your honesty and expert guidance for those who want to make a living online. Keep up the great work.


    • Hi Partha, thanks for reaching out. The seriously large number of complaints is never a good sign. All of those reviews are talking about the poor and non-existent customer service. A large portion of them said that they couldn’t access the platform after becoming paid members, which is not good. In my opinion, Digital Profit Course is on a borderline between a scam and legitimate. In any case, it’s not a trusted platform for starting an online business.

      And as you can see, DPC is pretty much a knock-off of Wealthy Affiliate, which is, on the other hand, a great choice for creating a successful online business. These guys are true, and I’m glad to recommend them. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but the WA course works. It takes a lot of time and effort (which they openly say), but it works!


      • Hi Ivan,

        Apologies for not getting back to you sooner here but as you now know I’m a regular visitor to your site anyway, LOL.

        I appreciate you taking the time to reply and confirming my suspiscions about DPC.

        I completely agree with what you say about the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, and I’ll forever be grateful for you recommendation. They certainly are the real-deal.

        Plus, as you say, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, which they openly admit to, but this is my mind shows just how genuine and honest they are.

        I had to reach out to you again (if you don’t mind), as I know that Wealthy Affiliate have recently undergone an update (sorry for bringing this up on your DPC article by the way).

        I understand that they now have a few further offers and incentives, I guess specifically aimed at those who are serious about building a legitimate business.

        I realise it’s obviously free to join, but as I say, if you’re really serious then the paid membership is the way forward as far as I’m concerned.

        However, they now have an additional membership, which seems to be one of the most comprehensive offers going for anyone interested in Affiliate Marketing.

        I just wondered whether you’ve had a chance to view the new membership details.

        And if so, what do you think?

        Is it worth it and would you recommend it?

        Apologies for all the questions Ivan, but the Wealthy Affiliate update and the additional offers have certainly piqued my interest and I definitely value your opinion.

        Look forward to hearing from you.


        • Hi Partha, thanks for reaching out again. Yes, you’re right, WA has gone through an update just recently. They added another form of membership called Premium Plus. The platform is usually free to join. And if you want to unlock the full features, you’ll have to upgrade to Premium.

          Now, Premium Plus is a special bundle that enhances all the Premium features to a larger extent. For example, instead of an option to host ten sites on WA’s servers that you get with Premium, you can host up to fifty sites with a Premium plus. Another cool thing is that you get priority support. WA has got an awesome support system. If you’re a Premium member, you’ll have to wait in a Q to get support. But if you’re a Premium plus member, you can skip the Q and get help instantly. The key feature of Premium Plus is that you get Jaaxy pro version. Jaaxy is WA’s flagship keyword research tool. With regular Premium membership, you get access to a limited version of Jaaxy. But with Premium plus, you get much more from this tool. And so on…

          I would highly recommend Premium Plus if you’re interested in getting the most out of Wealthy Affiliate.


          • Hi Ivan,

            Thanks for taking the time out to reply again.

            Well Premium Plus certainly sounds like a fantastic “special bundle”.

            I know for a fact that keyword research is of the utmost importance when producing content online, so having an enhanced version of Jaaxy sounds like a huge advantage in itself.

            Plus if you’re able to host up to 50 sites, this definitely shows that Premium Plus is ideal for anyone who wants to build a legitimate and fully functioning online business.

            And let’s face facts, we’d all love to “jump the queue” if we can get away with it, LOL, but this is even more important I guess when it comes to website support, especially for someone like me who isn’t great with the technical side of things.

            Thanks once again Ivan for taking the time to explain everything to me, Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Plus definitely seems worthwhile.


            • Hi Partha, no problem. Yes, it is indeed a fantastic deal. You get a lot of cool features, which will increase your chances for success online.

              You’re welcome, click here if you want to join Wealthy Affiliate then. Thanks,



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