DFY Profit Funnels Review – SCAM or Legit App by Glynn Kosky?

Hey there, welcome to my DFY Profit Funnels review.

Have you been trying to make money with affiliate marketing? Do you find it hard to set up your own funnels and get traffic to your business? Are you looking for a faster way to do so? Do you want to make money fast to pay off debts?

Well, I’ve been in your shoes. Building an online business is not an easy ride. A lot of people start good, but somehow, they get lost in chasing shiny objects and scams that promise fast ways to make money online.

Today, I want to share my opinion about DFY Profit Funnels. This offer seems to be another shiny object in Glynn Kosky’s production designed to make you believe that you can make money online in just a few clicks while some secret app does the work for you.

Is it a scam or legit? Can you make automated sales in just 60 seconds? Well, join me in my HONEST DFY Profit Funnels review, and I’ll tell you all you need to know about this product. My review is 100% BS-free!

DFY Profit Funnels Review


DFY Profit Funnels Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Owner: Glynn Kosky
  • Price: $19 + 7 UPSELLS
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 180 days
  • Recommended?: NO!

Quick Summary: You’re lead to believe that DFY Profit Funnels is an app that is going to make you money in 60 seconds or less. On top of that, the app is fully automated, 100% DFY, and get’s traffic and sales with a push of a button.

However, the sales page and the product inside are two different worlds.

All you get is an app that generates very bad DFY funnels that are connected with lousy products. There’s no free traffic or money with this app. Only disappointment and an empty wallet.

See, DFY Profit Funnels is a rehashed version of Glynn’s previous products such as CB Profit Sites and many others, where you’re lead to believe in quick and easy success. And this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will cost you only $19!

Do you think that you can make $100’s on autopilot using the DFY app? Of course not!

The overhyped sales page and a seemingly low price are designed to get you inside an expensive sales funnel where you will be offered to buy seven additional UPSELLS!

  • Unlimited $67
  • 100% DFY $97
  • Unlimited Traffic $97
  • $30Kin 30 Days Version $97
  • Super Affiliate Version $97
  • License Rights $97
  • Auto Profit Boost $47

In other words, this is just another in a series of overhyped apps on the market that was designed to make money for the owner at your expense.

That said, I don’t recommend DFY Profit Funnels. In my opinion, this is best for the creator.

My #1 recommendation is a 100% legitimate program that helped me to go from being a complete newbie to making $100’s per day with affiliate marketing! Click the button below to learn more!




What is DFY Profit Funnels About?

According to the creator of this new WarriorPlus release, DFY Profit Funnels is a world-first automated 100% done-for-you sales funnel app. Not only that, but it also generates free buyer traffic, sales, and commissions in just 60 seconds!

To make money with this app, all you need to do is purchase the app, log in, and hit the “get traffic button” to enjoy free buyer traffic and sales to your funnels in less than one minute.

DFY Profit Funnels Hype

But I’ll be straight with you. You see, this is all just a pile of BS…

DFY Profit Funnels is not what the creator says it is. In reality, it is an overhyped app that generated DFY funnels (yes, this part is correct). However, it is not going to get you traffic on a “push of a button,” nor will you make sales and commissions in 60 seconds or less.

Those claims are misleading, unethical, and not true! You can’t make money with a push of a button using some magic app. Think about it. If those things were real, then why successful marketers are not using DFY Profit Funnels?

It’s because they know products like this are garbage and they are designed to trick newbies into spending $17 or more on a basically useless product.

See, in my experience with products like DFY Profit Funnels, the main idea behind the overhyped sales page is to get you inside of a sales funnel where you can spend $100’s on upsells! And in this case, there are seven of them (I’ll reveal these in the next section of my review)!

In other words, this offer was designed with an intention to make money for the owners…not to help you to succeed in the world of affiliate marketing. Speaking of whom, let’s see who’s behind this one…

Who Owns DFY Profit Funnels?

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you’re not yet familiar with Glynn Kosky, a “guru” from England, and his “magic” apps that make money with virtually no effort whatsoever.

DFY Profit Funnels Glynn Kosky

And here’s your first chance to meet an online “guru” that has one mission on his mind.

And that is to trick newbies into thinking that you can get free traffic with a push of a button and make sales on autopilot from day one. You can take a look at some other magic apps created by Glynn and see the similarity with DFY Profit Funnels:

So as you can see, Glynn is very good at creating these overhyped apps that make money with a push of a button. But judging by the results the customers of these apps get, he’s not so good at helping people to make money.

It would be too soon to say that DFY Profit Funnels is a scam because I haven’t shown you yet how this app works for real. Are you ready to be disappointed?

How Does DFY Profit Funnels Work?

Let’s forget about the 3-step BS from the sales page, and let’s concentrate on how DFY Profit Funnels really works. You see, there is some slight value in this product, but once again, it is not going to work as advertised!

In reality, the DFY Profit Funnels app is a rehashed version of AffiliSites PRO and xPress Funnels. These two apps also bring in unlimited buyer traffic and make sales and commissions in less than a minute.

In other words, Glynn is simply repacking these apps to make money by BS-ing newbies.

You see, it is a simple app that WILL generate DFY funnels, eBooks, and other types of marketing material. As I said, that part is correct. All you have to do is log in to the app, and select a product you want to promote. The app is going to give you a fully functional sales funnel and everything else that comes with a fully functioning funnel.

You can then customize your funnels with your own affiliate links, autoresponders, bonuses, and more. To be honest, this part of the DFY Profit Funnels app is simple and has got some value.

DFY Profit Funnels Features

Now, let’s talk about the traffic part and making money in 60 seconds again. Scam or real? What do you think?

The truth is, there are no apps in this world that are going to get free traffic and make you money on autopilot in less than 60 seconds. You can’t get instant authority either!

Those claims alone are sufficient to call DFY Profit Funnels a scam product!

DFY Profit Funnels Free Traffic

You see, Glynn includes a few links in the traffic section of the app that seems like a “push-button” system for getting traffic, but they’re not.

All you can find in there are links to some outdated and spammy software that will NOT help you to share your funnels on the internet and get traffic back to them.

Even if you spend hours and hours trying to build something with this app, you won’t be able to get any traffic to your offers because those “traffic buttons” are just going to lead you to more and more apps and bots that are supposed to get you tons of traffic.

In other words, DFY Profit Funnels does not work as advertised!

If you need more proof, make sure to check out the video review below and see it for yourself.

You see, just like many times before, Glynn is on a mission to lead you in with false promises and a shiny app, and then to upsell you like crazy once you get inside of HIS own sales funnel.

Just take a look at the next section of my DFY Profit Funnels review, please…

DFY Profit Funnels Sales Funnel Revealed!

As per usual, you can buy this app at WarriorPlus marketplace for only $19 one time. And if you do so, you’re getting access to the app and a few bonuses. Bonuses don’t seem to have any real-life value to me…

DFY Profit Funnels Review Price

Also, your purchase is covered with a 180-day money-back guarantee. I must say, that is a very generous refund policy. At least something good about this product…

Now, let me show you the “fun” part about DFY Profit Funnels.

Seven Upsells Inside the Sales Funnel!

Usually, Glynn puts in four to five upsells within a sales funnel. However, this time, he went crazy and decided to slap your face with SEVEN upsells!

Just take a look at this and tell me what you think about DFY Profit Funnels. Is it designed to help you to make money, or is it designed to rip you off?

  • DFY Profit Funnels Unlimited $67
  • DFY Profit Funnels 100% DFY $97
  • DFY Profit Funnels Unlimited Traffic $97
  • DFY Profit Funnels $30Kin 30 Days Version $97
  • DFY Profit Funnels Super Affiliate Version $97
  • DFY Profit Funnels Licence Rights $97
  • DFY Profit Funnels Auto Profit Boost $47

Tell me now, what do you think about this product? Do you feel like it is a scam? Do you feel like Glynn is BS-in you from the start to get you inside of this turbo-expensive sales funnel? Does it seem like a fair deal to you?

You see, there are some things I don’t understand about these upsells.

For example, the app is advertised as a 100% DFY system that gets tons of buyer traffic and makes money in 60 seconds. And on the sales page, the price is $17. Now, why would you sell such a powerful app for just under 20 dollars? It makes no sense.

Secondly, if DFY Profit Funnels is such a powerful app, why do you sell separate DFY and Unlimited Traffic versions? I mean, if I’m buying an app that does all those things already, why do I need these upgrades then?

To be honest guys, the only good thing about DFY Profit Funnels, in my opinion, is the money-back guarantee. Everything else looks like just another scam to me.



Who are DFY Profit Funnels For?

The target market for this app is newbies who are unfamiliar with the process of making money online via affiliate marketing, or any other method. It is for those who believe in “gurus” like Glynn and are looking for ways and means to make quick cash online.

If you fit the description, make sure to read this page twice and stop wasting your time on shiny objects.

Those things do not work!

What I Like About DFY Profit Funnels

Nothing! If I have to put something in this section, I would say a money-back guarantee. And the app does generate DFY marketing material, so I’m guessing that is another good thing about it.

DFY Profit Funnels Review Refund Policy

Everything else related to DFY Profit Funnels smells like a scam to me, and I don’t want to have anything to do with it. Let me show you what I mean.

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What I Don’t Like About DFY Profit Funnels

Now, in this section of my DFY Profit Funnels review, I have prepared seven things that you should consider before you make any further decisions. In other words, here’s what I don’t like about this app.

The Creator Promises Traffic and Sales in 60 Seconds or Less

Right off the bat, the owner of this app says that this app is going to get you traffic and sales in 60 seconds or even less. And while he gives these claims, he does not provide any proof to back them up. In other words, those claims are nothing but lies.

He Also Claims You Need To Follow Only 3 Steps

Another lie that poked my eye is related to those three steps you need to take to make money with this app. If you remember, all you have to do is buy, login, and push a button and let the DFY Profit Funnels app bring back tons of sales and commissions.

DFY Profit Funnels Scam

Yeah, right!

If this app would really work like that, then the whole world would be using it to make money online, quit their 9-5 jobs, take unlimited vacations, pay off debts, etc.

But guess what? Yeah, you’ve guessed it.

He Says That Everything is Automated and 100% DFY

What does Automated and 100% DFY means? It means that you don’t have to move a muscle because the app takes care of everything. I’m guessing it also reads your mind too.

Honestly, guys, if I had a dollar each time I’ve heard these promises, I would have been a millionaire by now.

Sales Page Does Not Reflect The Nature of This App

All this leads me to a severe scam sign. In other words, the DFY Profit Funnels sales page is not even remotely connected to reality. The product inside and the sales page are two different worlds!

DFY Profit Funnels Scam

It’s like the McDonald’s hamburger commercial, and the real “burger” you get when you stop by at Mack’s and Dick’s place. Two different things. But at least the burger tastes good. This product is going to leave a bitter taste.

Sales Funnel Contains SEVEN Additional Upgrades

As you have had a chance to see, the DFY Profit Funnels sales funnel contains seven freaking upsells! Why does this tell you about this product? Does it seem like the owner is making you believe in fake news to get you inside so that he could sell you more junk while you’re under the influence?

It seems to like that’s exactly what’s going on.

DFY Profit Funnels is Rehashed Version of Old Apps

I’ve mentioned a few examples of products that are nothing but a rehashed versions of this one in the earlier section of this DFY Profit Funnels review. You see, Glynn Kosky creates an app per month at least. All he does is renaming and changing the colors.

The scam stays the same,

Glynn is Going To Spam You Every Day If You Give Him You Email Address

If you fall for this product and give them your email address, your inbox is going to be bombarded with spam mail from Glynn every single day. He has a lot of these apps to sell, and he wants you to have them all.

So my advice is, don’t give him your email!

Is DFY Profit Funnels a Scam?

DFY Profit Funnels is not a scam. After all, you do get an app that gives you access to DFY funnels and products. However, this app is not going to work as advertised, and that is a big problem.

The truth is, you’re not going to make money in 60 seconds. I’m 100% sure that you won’t make any money from this app.

In reality, DFY Profit Funnels is just another shiny object designed to make you think that affiliate marketing is something that you could do to make money with a push of a button.

The only person who is going to bank big bucks with this app, in my opinion, is the owner. You’re just buying an overhyped story full of BS and lies while Glynn prepares another “super” app that this time is going to work even faster and better.

That is a fact!

The bottom line is, DFY Profit Funnels is NOT RECOMMENDED product. You could learn this a hard way, or you could take my advice and skip this one altogether and save yourself from disappointment.

Where To Go From Here?

First of all, I want to say, thanks for reading my DFY Profit Funnels review. I hope this post was helpful and I hope you can make a well-informed decision now. If you have questions, feel free to leave them below.

And if you’re looking for the best ways to make money online, you could try affiliate marketing, the real version, not some DFY version that is never going to work.

With my #1 recommendation, you can start a real affiliate marketing business in just a few short weeks! They will give you the training, websites, and access to the world-class coaching system.

The best thing is, you can even join for free and take it for a test drive. No credit card is needed.

My #1 recommendation has helped me to go from struggling marketer who was chasing these shiny objects like DFY Profit Funnels, to earning a full-time passive income online. And I’m sure they can help you too!

If you are interested in reading my story, click the button below!




If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for hanging with me! Feel free to share this post with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

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20 thoughts on “DFY Profit Funnels Review – SCAM or Legit App by Glynn Kosky?”

  1. Hey Ivan, Thanks you very much for this reveiw, it was very helpful. I have been a victim of this scam for a few months now, a few purchases were made by me, an they refuse tote give me a refund, but thanks to this reveiw i can close that chapter.

    • Thanks for sharing your review, Fabian. And sorry to hear about falling a victim to DFY Profit Funnels. Wishing you all the best in the future!

  2. Hello Ivan,  I really enjoyed your DFY Profit Funnels review. Your reviews are always honest and very comprehensive. I have never tried it but it sounds like a terrible product. I’m fairly new to blogging and I’m always on a lookout for new and helpful tools. Thank you to your reviews, I do not need to go and learn the painful lessons by trying all of them out. 

    We are all trying to get more traffic but dishonest products like this one make it so much harder. Very often we trust the claims that they make because we just don’t know any better. Again, thank you so much for doing the verifying for us. 

  3. Glynn Kosky and his partner in fraud, Rod Beckwith, are real sleazeballs. If there was such a thing as Internet police, they would be convicted of fraud and put away for life!!! Their “product” descriptions aren’t just misleading, they are fraudulent/false advertising! And when you ask for a refund, they say OK, but then they don’t refund, even after repeated attempts. I finally had to escalate it on PayPal and eventually got refunded. One of their latest pieces of crap is CrytoCommissions. Best advice AVOID anything that has the names Glynn Kosky and/or Rod Beckwith associated with it!!!

  4. Stellar review as always Ivan! Man, I wouldn’t really pay attention to such scams but honestly, there are so many of these overhyped, untrue platforms around affiliate marketing, it’s kind of becoming a bad look for the actual legit business model of affiliate marketing.

    A lot of newbies are looking to get into it since it’s so accessible, but with platforms like these that put some effort into marketing & getting exposure online, A LOT of people tend to get caught up in stuff like this.

    I appreciate you doing the hard work of putting scammers like these on notice!

    • Hi Julius, thanks for your comment on my review. Unfortunately, there are more and more offers like DFY Profit Funnels that give a bad name to the affiliate marketing industry. There’s no such thing as instant results.


  5. It infuriates me that companies are allowed to make such false claims. Especially during a pandemic, people are desperate to make an honest income and put in a little sweat to make it their own. People have lost jobs, they are juggling finances to feed a family, and looking for a hopeful honest income. Then a company like this one milks that family for hundreds of dollars they don’t have for empty promises. These companies should be banned from the internet. Thank God we have do-gooders like you to try to help people avoid these expensive disappointments. For that reason alone I’m going to research your recommendation. Thanks for saving me and others hundreds of dollars in this empty business.

    • Hi Jamie L., thanks for your comment on my review. It’s unbelievable how many false claims are on the sales page for DFY Profit Funnels. Basically, it’s designed to make you believe that making money online is a walk in the part. In any case, I’m glad to see you looking for reviews before diving in.


  6. Thanks for a comprehensive review of DFY Profits Funnels Review! One of the reasons I won’t go for this product is that there are hidden upsells. This is a way of scamming people unless it is clearly stated that there are upsells. As an affiliate marketer, I really need to use funnels to boost sales and earn high ticket affiliate commissions, but DFY isn’t the right product to go for. Would you recommend GrooveFunnels and why if yes? Awaiting your response!

    • Hi Joyce Easton, thanks for your comment. Yeah, DFY Profit Funnels comes with a lot of hidden upsells, which you need to get the most out of this app. I personally don’t recommend it because this is not the top product. On the other hand, GrooveFunnels is a legitimate service, something like ClickFunnels. So yes, I would recommend them if you need a legit tool to build your affiliate funnels.


  7. Hi there! I really enjoyed reading this post because it spreads awareness about the online scams out there that try to trick newbies into spending hundreds of dollars on crap services. Even though I’m still working towards getting my first affiliate sale, I would not use that service because there is no quick and easy way of making passive income online. It reminds me of another scam on facebook I saw where this guru named Kevin David claiming if you gave him ten thousand dollars then he will start an amazon fba business that’s “done for you” and supposedly sets you for life. From research, I’ve seen how much bull crap that was so it’s good that there are bloggers like you who investigate these too good to be true services and expose them. Thanks for this post!

    • Hi Gabriel J, thanks for your comment on my review. I’m glad my post was helpful. You’re right, there are no quick and easy ways to making money online, no matter what you can hear from sites like DFY Profit Funnels. In any case, I like to see you doing your own research before handing over your hard-earned money to the internet “gurus”


  8. Hi Ivan,

    Thank you for this honest review! I’m new to affiliate marketing, and have not yet come across Glynn or DFY tunnel advertisements, but now I know to be on the lookout, and to be very wary of him and of similar products advertised.

    Thanks again; you may have saved me from a lot of time and money wasted!

  9. It’s no wonder that so many newbies give up! The idea you can make money in 60 seconds is ludicrous, and the sales page is completely misleading. Like you, I have fallen prey to such products in the past, and ended up going from one to another. You begin to wonder if it’s your fault you’ve not achieved any success. After all, you buy these products in good faith. However, most times training is poor or outdated, and a newbie is never going to make such apps work. DFY Profit funnels will certainly make Glynn Kosky a very rich man if unsuspecting customers end up buying all 7 of his upsells! As you rightly said, it’s not a scam, but the app is misleading. Thanks for sharing:)

    • Hi Kathy, you’re welcome and thanks for reaching out. You’ve said it all with your comment. Unfortunately, these products are the first test for newbies. Those who manage to push through overhyped products like this usually realize that making money online is not a product of a DFY Profit Funnels system or in 60 seconds with no work. They will find something that works and is legit and will stick to it no matter what. I know you can relate to this experience too.


  10. we are glad that we have read your review we have been wanting to do funnels for awhile now. Well now we are not going to try an use this DFY Funnel we have been sticking to the other strategy that you use. If anyone else wants to know make sure that you click on it so that way you get the best pick.
    There is nothing better then a great platform to work on with no hasstle or complaints.
    Ivan thanks again and hope to hear more reviews in the future.


    • Hi Mathew&Deloris, I’m glad to have you here. Thanks for reaching out! I hope to see you again. There are much better ways to do funnels, DFY Profit Funnels is not the one. In my opinion, this is not recommended.



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